korean martial arts

another country in the south east asia that created her own combat system,is korea.

korea is well known as a country who had to fight against invaders,just like any other country during the history.the koreans have a very unique way of martial arts that expressed in the martial arts of tae kwon do and hapkido.tae kwon do is a martial art that well known for her tornado flying  kick and also known as a martial art that was invented for the korean army.in our days,most of us know the sportive tae kwon do that we see in the olympic games but,only those who look farther in the history know that tae kwon do is a traditional martial art the also contains hand strikes or throw and not only kicks.

ever heard of steven segal? steven segal is a well known actor,he preformed in many action films such as:”exit wounds”,”on deadly ground”,”the patriot”,fire down below. steven segal is is a martial artist and the martial art that he has s aikido.

so what steven segal has to do with korean martial arts? the aikido(the martial art that steven segal is expirienced with) is very similar to hapkido,another korean martial art,the hapkido is a deadly martial art that contains cruel armbars,that causes the opponent’s tendon to get bend or ripped and reach a state of near breaking and the art also contains kicks. the hapkido is very similiar to the japanese neighbor,the aikido when it comes to arm bar and very similiar to the other japanese neighbor,the karate when it comes to hands and legs strikes.

but if thats not enough there is even most ancient martial art in korea that  related to empty hand to hand combat ,this art goes by the name of taekkyeon.

but unlike the japanese,the koreans teaches  a different way of  practice,the koreans dont use any ordely curriculum instead,every student is an individual and through out the leassons,every student is covering himself with enough knowledge in the basic skill of the taekkyeon.the movments in taekkyeon are soft,flowing and really easy to study and apply. the taekkyeon maybe looks soft but this traditional martial arts requires to to have a strong spirit,thats whats makes these martial art to be soft with strong  force.

korea have also more martial arts that specialized in weapons and even more.

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